First Snowy Getaway

4 Nights/5 Days of Adventure for New Skiers and Snow Enthusiasts

Hokkaido Winter Itinerary

Stay in Yoichi, a beautiful coastal town in Hokkaido and gain access to world-famous ski resorts, fresh seafood, locally grown produce and much more.

Here is a sample itinerary for an unforgettable Hokkaido winter holiday.


  • First skiing experience at a beginner-friendly resort
  • Winter forest snow hike to experience the calmness of nature
  • Fantastic onsen (Hot springs)
  • Delicious local food and craft beverages

Day 1Arrive in Yoichi

Yoichi is 80 minutes drive from New Chitose Airport, the gateway to the whole of Hokkaido.

Rent a car at the airport and take the motorway direct to Yoichi.

▶︎How to get here

Check-in at holiday rental house and relax or explore the snowy coastal scene.

Day 2Ski at Kiroro - the beginner-friendly resort

Enjoy world-class powder snow and stunning mountain views.

Lessons are available in English (advanced booking is required) 

▶︎Nearby ski fields

Day 3Onsen day trip to Niseko or Shakotan

Take a scenic drive to the high-quality hot springs (Onsen) of Niseko and Shakotan.

Enjoy lunch at one of the local restaurants, avoiding busy times.

Day 4Snow-shoeing in the nearby forest

Take a serene snowshoe walk in the nearby forest, providing a Zen-like experience amidst the winter wonderland. Breathe in pure cold air, perhaps meet a fox, and enjoy a hot chocolate in the thermos.

*Snowshoe gear is freely available at our holiday homes

For dinner, check the local fish market and cook traditional Nabe (Hot pot) at home. Try a bottle of local wine for an accompaniment.

Day 5Check-out and visit Nikka whiskey factory or Sightseeing in Otaru

Take a free tour (advanced booking is required) to the famous whiskey factory in Yoichi, or visit Otaru, a charming tourist spot with old canals and buildings.

After this, go on to your next destination!

You have the flexibility to adjust the schedules based on weather conditions, which is one of the significant benefits of staying in one location for an extended period!


Enquire Now

Yoichi Holiday is an outdoor expert with local insight. We are ready to help in English and ensure a seamless experience:

  • Provide affordable rental houses, each accommodating up to 7 guests
  • Assistance in itinerary planning/ car rental
  • Assistance in arranging long-term ski and snowboard rentals/guided tours

Send your interests, preferences, and trip details (e.g., duration, group size, activities), and we'll help craft a personalized Hokkaido experience just for you. Customized guided tours are also an option for those seeking full assistance.