How to get to Yoichi


Yoichi is easily accessible by major highways, located on the west side of Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido. It's approximately a 90-minute drive from New Chitose Airport, a main gateway in Hokkaido. Major car rental companies are available at the airport. Be sure to book your rental car in advance and bring along an international driver’s license.

Traveling with a rental car is the best way to explore Hokkaido, where many attractions are spread out. Hokkaido roads are tourist-friendly, with wide and open roads in summer. For winter travel, exercise caution when driving on snow. Most rental companies offer cars equipped with 4WD and snow tires.

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Directions from New Chitose Airport

  • Follow the tolled Highway E5 to Sapporo
  • Take E5A to Otaru without exiting
  • Stay on E5A to the Yoichi exit

Air Travel

New Chitose Airport (Sapporo) is a 90-minute drive from Yoichi and offers direct flights from major cities in Japan and 41 airports worldwide, including Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. The flight from Tokyo to New Chitose Airport takes less than 2 hours.

Rail Transport

Japan Railway (JR) operates between New Chitose Airport, Sapporo, Otaru, and Yoichi. Passengers arriving at Otaru on the rapid train can transfer to a local train or bus to reach Yoichi. From Yoichi station, it's only a short taxi ride to our holiday houses. The total journey takes around 120 minutes.

Note 1 :

One of our holiday houses, Beachfront Fugoppe is located at the edge of town with limited public transportation, making it ideal for travelers with cars.

Note 2:

Yoichi Station does not have an automatic ticket gate, so IC cards cannot be used. If you take the train to Yoichi, please purchase a paper ticket when boarding the train.

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