Local Summer Festivals

Summer is nearly here, and that means festival season!

June and July are packed with fun events in our area in Hokkaido. We love dancing, fireworks, and delicious street food. Join the locals and get a taste of authentic Japanese tradition.

Since these events are local and relatively unknown to foreign tourists, you can truly immerse yourself and blend in with the locals!

Local Summer Festivals 2024

June 5-9
Yosakoi Soran Festival (Sapporo)
A dynamic street performance blending tradition and modernity with vivid costumes, music, and over 1,000 dancers on Sapporo's main street.

June 9-11
Yoichi Shrine Festival (Yoichi)
Residents carry portable shrines with loud shouts and music, while stalls line the station street, creating a lively atmosphere.

June 30
Cherry Festival (Niki)
During cherry harvest season, enjoy cherry markets, performances, and games.

July 6-7
Soran Festival (Yoichi)
Citizens dance to traditional fishermen's folk songs, with spectacular fireworks over the harbor.

July 13-14
Kotohira Shrine Festival (Furubira)
A rare event in a small fishing town. The thrilling spectacle of a tengu walking on sacred fire in a mystical atmosphere.

July 14-16
Sumiyoshi Shrine Festival (Otaru)
Otaru's biggest shrine festival features numerous stalls, offering visitors a taste of traditional Japanese summer in the countryside.

July 26-28
Ushio Festival (Otaru)
A lively event where citizens dance through town, featuring popular fireworks. Rent a yukata (summer kimono) in Otaru and join the fun!


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