Hokkaido Foodie Paradise

Undoubtedly, food plays a significant role in Hokkaido travel. With a remarkable self-sufficiency rate of 217%, nearly all the food on your daily table originates from Hokkaido. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, Yoichi stands proudly as one of Hokkaido's culinary treasures.

While staying in Yoichi, make sure to explore the local fishmongers, supermarkets, and roadside vegetable stalls. We will gladly provide you with ample information on local restaurants, allowing you to relish both dining out and cooking at home. However, cooking elaborate dishes isn't necessary in Hokkaido because the ingredients themselves are incredibly flavorful. Opting for simple BBQ and Nabe dishes would be the ideal choice to savor its flavors.

Yoichi is also known for its juicy fruits. You can visit orchards to pick your own fruits, and from June to September, the town smells sweet with various fruits ripening. If you come to Yoichi in the summer, enjoy lots of delicious seasonal fruits.

Additionally, during the spring season, try the flavors of mountain vegetables, also known as "sansai" in Japanese. These edible plants offer a unique and delightful culinary experience. If you are interested in exploring this culinary delight, we would be more than happy to guide you to the best spots where you can forage these wild delicacies. Learn more.

We offer Japanese home-style dinner catering and delivery exclusively for guests at our rental homes. Our local chef uses the finest seasonal ingredients in the area. If interested, please inquire at the time of booking for this service.

Regional Products:

  • Seafood (flounder, shrimp, yellowtail, hokke, squid, sea-urchin, and shellfish)
  • Meat (pork)
  • Vegetables (tomatoes, sweet corn, bell peppers, melons, watermelon, green beans, eggplant, cucumbers, potatoes, pumpkins, rice, and many others)
  • Fruits (strawberries, cherries, prunes, blueberries, plums, grapes, apples)
  • Dairy products (cheese, butter, ice cream)
  • Mountain vegetables (butterbur stem(fuki), udo, Ainu garlic(gyojya ninniku), fern shooting, yomogi herb)

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