Fruity Delights in Yoichi region

Yoichi and its neighboring areas are renowned for their delectable fruits, with the cool climate and refreshing sea breezes treating you to over 10 different varieties from June to October.

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Japan to launch new digital nomad visa

Dreaming of an extended stay in Japan? The new Digital Nomad Visa, kicking off in March 2024, makes it possible!

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More than 10 ski-fields close to Yoichi

This is why we call Yoichi A new base for Hokkaido Winter Adventures

With over 10 years of experience, we will share with you the features and tips of each ski resort!

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Summer nature retreat

Yoichi is a great base for your next trip to Hokkaido. Sandwiched between the tourist destinations of Otaru and Niseko, Yoichi is still largely unknown and offers an authentic Japanese experience throughout the four seasons.

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Hokkaido Foodie Paradise

Undoubtedly, food plays a significant role in Hokkaido travel. With a remarkable self-sufficiency rate of 217%, nearly all the food on your daily table originates from Hokkaido. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, Yoichi stands proudly as one of Hokkaido's culinary treasures.

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How to get to Yoichi

Yoichi is located on the west side of Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido. Easily accessible by major flights, highways, and railways.

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Exploring the Delicacies of Japan's Mountain Vegetables

Sansai - Literally translating to "mountain vegetables" in Japanese, it refers to edible plants growing naturally in mountainous and riverside areas.

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Local Summer Festivals

June and July are packed with fun events in our area in Hokkaido. We love dancing, fireworks, and delicious street food. Join the locals and get a taste of authentic Japanese tradition.

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