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During your trip, embrace rainy and stormy days as part of the countryside experience. Explore Yoichi's historical sites like the remarkable Hugoppe Cave, adorned with murals dating back 1,000 years. This small town holds its own treasure of ancient art, reminiscent of France's renowned Lascaux. English guidance is available at the well-preserved cave's museum.

Nearby, a captivating stone circle invites contemplation of time and space. Delve into Yoichi's past to discover its flourishing herring fishing industry, which thrived about a century ago. The Unjyoya trading center offers a glimpse into the town's rich historical heritage.

If you crave further exploration, easily reach the neighboring towns of Otaru and Sapporo by car or train. These towns offer a delightful array of shopping, dining, movies, and museums for your entertainment. Or why not relish the beauty of your surroundings from the house or seize the opportunity to bond with family and friends? Our well-equipped homes facilitate quality time, allowing for slow cooking, offline games, music, crafts, and a sense of relaxation.

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