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If you stay in Yoichi during the summer, playing in the sea is a must. The Sea of Japan remains remarkably calm during this season, with water temperatures hovering around 22 degrees Celsius in July and August.

A mere 5-minute walk from Totoro House will lead you to Moire Beach, a popular destination bustling with families during the peak of summer. Take a peek inside the rock pool or enjoy a beach barbecue, a Hokkaido tradition.

For a more serene beachfront experience, Fugoppe House boasts the tranquil Fugoppe Beach, renowned for its picturesque sunsets. SUP boards and other ocean play equipment are available for rent, or even join a guided SUP tour led by knowledgeable local guides.

If you're traveling by car or wish to indulge in snorkeling, we highly recommend Shiraiwa Beach, nestled between Yoichi and Furubira. Explore the enchanting blue sea, adorned with captivating rocky formations. Find your own private beach on your drive to the Shakotan area, a famous tourist destination." An enchanting seaside experience worthy of the name "Bikuni".

In contrast, the winter months transform the sea into a captivating spectacle. Waves form, and dedicated surfers clad in dry suits brave the snowy landscape for exhilarating surfing adventures. It's a rare opportunity to enjoy both surfing and snowboarding in a single day.

*As you immerse yourself in marine sports, please remember to prioritize safety and manage any associated risks.

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