Onsen / Hot springs

Onsen(hot springs) hold a special place in the hearts of Hokkaido residents, especially during the chilly seasons. In Japan, there is even a qualification called "onsen sommelier," a person who is knowledgeable about the ingredients and benefits of different onsen in different regions. Most places offer open-air baths that provide visitors with the opportunity to relish the beauty of the changing seasons.

Yoichi Town boasts three hot springs, while neighboring towns offer several other delightful options. Exploring different hot springs during your stay is highly recommended. Particularly noteworthy is the "Misaki No Yu (Gakeppuchi)" situated at the tip of the Shakotan Peninsula, where you can watch the mesmerizing sunset over the sea.

Additionally, the hot springs in Furubira and Akaigawa, neighboring towns, exude a charming atmosphere and are often less frequented by tourists. With over 10 hot springs in the Niseko area, it serves as an excellent destination for embarking on a hot spring tour.

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